Welcome to the official website of Lyudmila Nesterova and choreographic ensemble "Inspiration". Lyudmila Nesterova - Artistic director and choreographer, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Exercise on the floor

Exercise on the floor is divided into sections: exercises sitting on the floor, exercise lying on your back, exercises lying on your side, exercises while lying on his stomach, exercises in pairs.

Classical dance

Classical dance classes are improving everyone physically, and spiritually.

Basse danse

Lessons of history and community dance students transferred to another era, different countries.

Folk dance

Each nation has its own history, customs and peculiarities. All this is reflected in folk music and dance.

Modern jazz

This program is designed for students, after 5-6 years of education. One of the trends of modern foreign choreography.

Rehearsal of the ensemble "Inspiration"

( theatrical practice and concerts) held every Friday.

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